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may 2008

  • New Klettermovie: "Hard Xs" - the spin, the British 09.03.2008 by Ralph Stöhr

    Beyond the English Channel, the Kletteruhren different. The brand new DVD "Hard Xs" shows the lively bustle of the island of climbers in all its facets. And it is quite trippy.

    "A great slice of British Velcro Experience" - commented.

    Hard XS The fact that the British tick differently, we know at the latest, since Asterix and Obelix a barrel potion smuggled to the island. This story ends so that the British are the magic potion did not need to defeat the Romans. A cup of tea sufficient.
    Among the actions, the Richard heap by the Sheffielder forge Slackjaw film on the DVD, "Hard XS" banned, but sometimes pushes the impression that the actors are not just a cup of tea intus. Where climbing on the European mainland always stream, where halls, drilled Sportkletterrouten and Crashpad stack tiny Bouldering under the rule, as the British are brave and successful resistance against the sinking of adventure when climbing and show that with a little imagination and from small mountains to get great adventure.
    Commonly liable to the British so the image of his spleens lovingly maintain. This is apparently also the climbers. The ten short films - based on almost 140 minutes add up - covering the entire spectrum of vertical insanity. The first strip leads far away from what the average than Europeans would call acceptable climbing: On the north coast of Devon climbing Dave Thomas and Martin Perry pitches in four coastal rocks up. The chapter is called "choss" what with "breakthrough" only weakly translated. Never before has someone such a loose mixture of dirt and rock climbing. That fuses and stands in this area best, suboptimal fails, sees itself unthinkable that we may find it fun? False, Dave Thomas finds's great. His partner, however, is suffering visibly. One can somehow understand.

    "You absolutely have to see this" - Jerry Moffat.

    Hard XS Climbing in the land of the poor security
    From this variety climb - bizarre, abnormal, risky - the DVD has some in stock. Whether a very impressive mixed-first ascent in wintry Scotland, a three-climbing rope lengths at the chalk cliffs at Dover or the "usual" Grit Stone horror routes with marginal protection: Always comes the moment when we as a spectator to nothing in the world in the skin of the actors stuck want. Nevertheless, the voluntary and it makes them even fun. And they do it again and again. Fascinating.

    If someone is too esoteric: Even the ordinary sport climbing is it. In a 20-minute film, the camera Steve McClure in the tests, and finally the test of his new throughstep Pieces Over Shadow (9a +) in Malham Cove. The fact that the route is not of cardboard, is more than clear. As usual, the British lime barely positive handles, but since a lot and bottom handles, the Begeher a vigorous dispute and a lot of feeling of movement demand.
    Otherwise, the DVD is still in stock several extras, including a new film about Andy Kirkpatrick, based on a Scotland tour the film crew through various walls frozen tears.
    You do not even want to experience everything
    The images in the movies often speak for themselves, are strong and impressive. But of course unfolds the whole charm of "Hard XS" only if the players and their remarks understands. They confirmed, however, requires knowledge of English.

    To summarize XS hardware is terrific. You do not even want to experience everything, as far as the British push. But that climbing away from the established Boulder and Sportkletter-mainstream still many opportunities, had once again demonstrated. A pity that such a film about Germany does not exist. Whether he would be possible?